Alcohol ban lifted for Gatto Cycle Shop event

Publish Date: 
Feb 22, 2011

The City Council in Tarentum, Penn., has lifted a three-year-old ban on alcohol sales for a dealer’s June festival event on a split vote. Gatto Cycle Shop holds a block party each June.

The council decided unanimously in June 2008 to ban selling or serving alcohol on public property after residents complained about drunken visitors to the Tarentum Festival. But firefighters, who benefit from the fundraiser, said the ban hurt their fundraising efforts.

Mark Gatto told the council an "ugly past" should not be held against his event, which he says would draw many more visitors if he could serve beer, according to the Valley News Dispatch.

The block party, scheduled for June 11 and 12, will be held along with "The Ride for Homeless Vets." The money the charity collects goes to the care of homeless veterans in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Posted by Holly Wagner