All 2010 Royal Enfield Models Receive Modern Engine

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Mar 10, 2010

Classic Motorworks, the importer and distributor of Royal Enfield motorcycles in the U.S., today announced the arrival of the 2010 Royal Enfield Bullet lineup. All the models will feature the company’s more modern engine.

“Today begins a very notable new model year for Royal Enfield in the United States,” Kevin Mahoney, president of Classic Motorworks and Royal Enfield USA, stated in a press release.

The year marks the complete transition of Royal Enfield’s production for the U.S. market to the Unit Construction Engine. Beforehand, the engine and transmission were housed separately. Royal Enfield says it designed the new power plant to offer the traditional appeal of a classic long-stroke “big single” engine along with modern technology for cleaner, more reliable operation with less maintenance. The Bullet line now boasts hydraulic lifters, a closed-loop electronic fuel injection system and a three-stage catalytic converter.

According to the company, 2010 Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles will begin rolling out to dealer showrooms in most markets this month, with model availability expected to follow later this spring for the brand’s pending dealers in California.

The 2010 model line will include a new version of the popular Bullet Military (shown). The model continues Royal Enfield’s long tradition of building mainstream versions of its military contract motorcycles for Western consumers. Royal Enfield says it redesigned the bike to match the postwar-inspired form factor of the brand’s new Bullet C5 model.

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Posted by Arlo Redwine