Allstate Survey Offers Insight Into Who's Under the Helmet

Male cycle enthusiasts would give up a wife, significant other or TV before their motorcycle, according to the recent results of a consumer study commissioned by Allstate Insurance Company.

These and other insights were revealed in an online survey of 500 male bikers nationwide, weighted to represent the total population and commissioned by the Northbrook, Illinois-based insurer earlier this year. Allstate developed the study to stay current about changing demographics and interests of those who ride motorcycles.

"Similar to car enthusiasts, millions of Americans invest significant time, energy and money to celebrate their love of motorcycles," said Jeff Deigl, assistant VP, specialty product lines for Allstate. "It's important to constantly update our understanding of who's out there riding and what's important to them. After all, we don't just protect the bike — we protect the rider, as well."

Harley Most Popular Brand, Honda Close Behind
Participants had the opportunity to identify themselves as a Sports Bike Enthusiast, Stressed Out Executive, Hardcore Biker or Weekend Warrior — which led the field with a 31 percent response rate. The majority of the participants who could not identify their classification labeled themselves Baby Boomer Riders.

Harley-Davidson drew the highest number of clicks when participants named which make of motorcycle is in the garage. Thirty-five percent of participants own at least one Harley and spend an average of $20,600 for the bike. An additional $2,250, on average, is spent for accessories. Honda emerged as the runner-up with 30 percent of participants owning at least one.

Riding More For Fun Than Mileage
Seven in 10 bikers ride at least once a week, including almost 45 percent of the participants who ride several times a week. Provided a long list of reasons to ride, bikers rallied around the idea of ?riding is more fun? as their most common answer with 78 percent agreeing. "The feeling of freedom," "the way it makes them feel" and "to relieve stress," also produced high results — all reaching more than 300 clicks.

In a nod to rising gas prices, 63 percent of respondents named "the fuel economy" as a top reason why they ride.

Social Scene Adds To Popularity
More than half of participants attend rallies. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally topped the attendance list, and the Daytona Beach rallies (Bike Week and Biketoberfest) were also big draws.

One in five bikers, predominantly riders who identified themselves as Hardcore Bikers, belongs to a riding club. Even more riders participate in charity rides, including a "Ride for Life" event. Two-thirds of bikers ride to work, taking advantage of the gas mileage and parking incentives motorcycles present.

Not only can you find bikers atop their ride, half of the surveyed participants — most of whom are Hardcore Bikers — ride with their spouse or significant other.

Rockin' Down the Highway
As motorcycles continue to have an established presence in American culture with more than 6 million registered bikes, one thing is clear: bikers continue to live with the attitude they were "Born to Be Wild," the most popular song among survey participants. Below is a top five countdown, beginning with the most popular, of cruising music, selected by surveyed respondents.

1. "Born to be Wild," Steppenwolf
2. "Radar Love," Golden Earring
3. "Take it Easy," The Eagles
4. "Born to Run," Bruce Springsteen
5. "Free Bird," Lynyrd Skynyrd

To reach the motorcycling community, Allstate designed, a site that features specific elements, including:

  • "Plan a Ride," which uses the most up-to-date satellite imaging and mapping software from Google. This feature allows riders to create their own routes, chose from a list of scenic rides or check out what fellow riders have posted as their favorites.
  • "Build a Bike," a 12-step process that allows enthusiasts to pick from various parts, accessories and paint colors to create their own bike.
  • "Calendar," featuring upcoming national and local events.
  • "Garage TV," a tool that incorporates professional mechanics giving tutorials on many different safety concerns for motorcycles.
  • "Get a Quote" and "Find an Agent" features, which let site visitors enter information online for a quote or locate a nearby Allstate agent.
  • "Motorcycle Coverage," which provides the ability to research various coverage options and features.
  • "Safety Tips," checklists and safety reminders.
  • To learn more see or call 877-BIKE-303.