AMA Sports Road Race Grand Championships

Publish Date: 
Aug 15, 2008

THE AMA IS PARTNERING with the Championship Cup Series (CCS) to help run and operate the 2008 AMA Sports Road Race Grand Championships, set for Sept. 19-21 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.

The 2008 AMA Sports Road Race Grand Championships will be run and operated by CCS. CCS classes, including youth classes, will be fielded. CCS rules and regulations will be utilized, and CCS officials will handle officiating duties. AMA Sports No. 1 plates will be awarded to class winners.


  • Riders must be members of the AMA in order to register for the event. Membership will be sold at registration.
  • No professionally licensed riders may compete in the 2008 RRGC. Any rider not holding a professional license for 4 or more years may compete as an amateur.
  • All Riders must be age ten (10) by the close of registration on Sept. 15. All minor riders must have both AMA and Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Minor Waivers filled out and submitted by Sept. 3.
  • All novice-licensed riders will be eligible to race at this event. The 2008 RRGC is an expert and novice rider event.

  • Classes
    Lightweight SuperTwins
    Lightweight SuperSport
    Middleweight SuperSport
    Heavyweight Supersport
    Unlimited SuperSport
    Lightweight SuperBike
    Middleweight SuperBike
    Heavyweight SuperBike
    Unlimited SuperBike
    Lightweight Grand Prix
    Middleweight Grand Prix
    Unlimited Grand Prix

    Recognized Clubs
    Licenses from the following clubs/organizations will be recognized for the 2008 AMA Road Race Grand Championships:

    AMA American Motorcyclist Association
    CMA Canadian Motorcycle Association
    OMRRA Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association
    AFM American Federation of Motorcyclists
    AHRMA American Historic Racing MC Association
    RRSW Road Race Southwest
    ASMA Arroyo Seco Motorcyclist Association
    SMRI Sandia Motorcycle Racing Incorporated
    CCS Championship Cup Series
    CMRA Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association
    WERA WERA Motorcycle Roadracing
    CRA Central Roadracing Association
    WMRRA Washington MC Road Racing Association
    WSMC Willow Springs Motorcycle Club
    LRRS Loudon Road Racing Series
    USBA Utah Sport Bike Association
    MRA Motorcycle Roadracing Association
    USGPRU United States Grand Prix Riders' Union

    Entry materials are available here.