AMA Updates Involvement in Racing

The American Motorcyclist Association is getting out of the racing series promotions business and will begin seeking series promoters for each of its professional and amateur racing disciplines.

"It is clear to the senior management of the AMA that we must change the way we handle the business of racing," says AMA President/CEO Rob Dingman. "Unfortunately the AMA's role has become blurred and this lack of clarity has led to an erosion of confidence in the organization. The primary objectives of this new initiative are to improve AMA Championship Racing overall and realign the company so it can be successful in its historic mission of serving the needs of motorcyclists by pursuing, promoting and protecting the future of motorcycling."

Dingman says the organization also lacks the resources and infrastructure to effectively promote each of its series as well as govern the sport.

"We are not getting out of motorcycle racing," notes Dingman. "We are redefining our role so we can focus exclusively on race sanctioning as opposed to race promotion. We will partner with companies that can effectively manage racing from the commercial perspective. We will sanction racing events and provide operational staff where it is required.

"This change will enable us to focus on the tasks that are more suited to our structure, abilities and resources."

The AMA posted more news about its new plan online, at