AMA's eGrandPrix to Feature Electric Racers

Publish Date: 
Jun 3, 2009

A SELECTION OF bikes taking part in the inaugural TTXGP at the Isle of Man on June 12 are scheduled to appear at the American Motorcyclist Association's Vintage Motorcycle Days, July 24-26 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.

The AMA eGrandPrix will showcase the sleek, all-electric machines via exhibition laps of the 2.4-mile Mid-Ohio track during breaks in the vintage road-race program that will run as part of the AMA Racing Vintage Grand Championships. It will be the first such international gathering of high-tech electric road-race bikes in the United States.

"AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days provides us with a fantastic opportunity to take our message directly to the United States, a nation with a passion for motorcycling," says Azhar Hussain, founder of the TTXGP.

San Francisco-based Mission Motors is one team participating in the TTXGP that has agreed to take part in the AMA eGrandPrix Introduction. "This is fantastic news and represents a great opportunity for the American public to experience zero-carbon motorcycle racing up close," says Jeremy Cleland, team leader at Mission Motors. "I believe this event will be the perfect first pit stop for the TTXGP roadshow as it embarks on its global journey."

A total of 21 teams from six different countries, including the U.S., India, Germany, Austria, the U.K. and the Isle of Man, will make history by taking part in the inaugural one-lap TTXGP — an event endorsed by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) the world governing body for motorcycle sport.

Also taking part: Brammo and Barefoot Motors Racing, both of Ashland, Ore.; EVOdesign; MotoCzysz; KillaCycle Racing/Lightning Motorcycles; eROCKIT; Team Agni; HTBLAUVA-TGM; XXL; Electric Motorsport; Brunel X-team; Kingston University; Imperial TTxGP; ManTTx Racing; TORK; Electric Motorsport; and Peace e-rider.

"The FIM has the willingness to invest in this area that is evolving very quickly," says Vito Ippolito, president of the FIM. "For about a year and a half, we have put in place a working group on alternative energies chaired by our American vice president (Robert Rasor). The future of the sport depends on our capacity as well as that of the manufacturers to innovate quickly. We are convinced that very shortly the motorcycle World Championships will be accessible to non-polluting engines as far as gas and sound emissions are concerned."

AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days includes vintage racing, North America's largest motorcycle swap meet, bike shows, demo rides of current production bikes, motorcycling seminars, stunt shows, the new product Manufacturers' Midway and club corrals featuring marque and regional clubs. The Marque of the Year for 2009 is BSA, whose bikes became synonymous with racing in the U.S. when the brand swept the top five positions at the Daytona 200 in 1954. The featured classic clubs this year will be the Sandcast Only Owner's Club (SOOC) and the International CBX Owners Association.