American IronHorse Has Barn-Burner Sale

Just think of it as a $10 million garage sale. American IronHorse is selling off a bounty of obsolete and discontinued inventory through a Michigan-based auction and liquidation house.

According to Buck Hendrickson, the custom OEM's CEO and president, the sale run by Liquid Asset Partners is a means of getting rid of inventory that does not fit American IronHorse's lineup for 2008 and 2009. "It should have been sold off years ago," Hendrickson told Dealernews.

A Web page detailing the sale calls it a "Sale of $10 million plus V-twin custom chopper motorcycle parts and accessories. Among the items being sold are rims, rolling chassis, frames transmissions, tanks, fenders, controls, and everything else to make a custom chopper." Buyers must make a minimum order of $5,000.



The site also lists some feature items, including:

  • a two-story trade show booth
  • an enclosed dyno
  • a 14-foot long air tank
According to the sale information, the trade show booth "is consistent with those used by many of the top motorcycle industry suppliers. Easily shipped and assembled and is in excellent condition."

A downloadable spreadsheet details an enormous list of parts, ranging from frames and motors to socket head bolts and motor oil.

The sale comes two weeks after Hendrickson confirmed that IronHorse had temporarily halted production and laid off employees to stave off overproduction and prevent dealers from stacking up inventory. At the time, he called the layoffs temporary and said the company was still in business and moving out on-hand motorcycles.

"We're looking at trying to be open back up some time in the middle or the third week of February," he said in early February.

There is no new information as to when the company will reopen its doors.