Amex Offers Plum to Dealers


American Express' Plum Card for small businesses touts two main benefits: an early-payment discount and a two-month deferment option. Dealers who pay their balance in full within 10 days of the statement closing date get a 2 percent discount when their month's total spending is above $5,000. They get a 1 percent discount when it's $5,000 or below. The discount is applied to all new eligible charges in that month, and will appear as a credit on the following month's statement.

If dealers make an initial payment of 10 percent by the due date, they can extend payment on the rest until the next month's due date without interest or finance charges, according to Amex, which had a booth at Indy.

Other features include additional cards for employees, monthly e-mail reminders about early-payment opportunities, automatic payment scheduling and the ability to download transaction data directly into QuickBooks or other accounting software. Plum Card users get discounts with American Express partners like Delta, JetBlue, FedEx and Hertz. — Arlo Redwine