'AMF!' to ex-employees

Publish Date: 
Jul 23, 2013
By Rick Fairless

I TRULY DISLIKE almost all my former employees. And a fired employee is the worst.

When an employee gets fired, they never have anything good to say about you or your company. Most of the time when people quit, you’re still an asshole because you didn’t pay enough, or you’re too bossy, or you’re just a plain ol’ dumbass to work for.

Since I also own a bar, lots of my employees enjoy drinking here after work at my Strokers  IceHouse. Well, when I fire some goon, I tell them that they are not allowed at any business owned by me, including my beer joint. Boy does that piss ‘em off.

Here's a news flash for you malcontents: If your current employer thought you were worth more money, we would pay you more money!

Even if an employee quits, I don’t want them back up here at my place of business. Yeah, sure, there are always a few exceptions, but not many with me. When an employee leaves me, then I consider them dead and gone forever. I won’t even remember their name in a year or so -- and I proudly tell them that. It’s like they were a bad dream that you forget soon after you wake up.

Former employees are usually filled with complaints about their former employer, and I don’t want them up here flapping their big mouth that “ol’ Rick is a dumbass” or how much better their new job is than this one was at Strokers Dallas. So the best thing for an ex-employee to do is stay away from me and my businesses.

When an employee quits, most of the time it’s because they have found a job paying more money than I am paying them.  Well, here’s a news flash for you malcontents: If your current employer thought you were worth more money, we would pay you more money!

Listen up, employee: Every dang person I have ever fired thinks they are doing a great job, and that they are underpaid, and that I’ll go bankrupt in a week without them. I have yet to fire somebody and have them tell me, “I’m sorry boss, I know I’m a lazy sh*t that needs to be fired.” They always tell me that I must be a crazy idiot for firing the best employee I got. Ok, well, I guess that even a dumbass isn’t smart enough to know he’s a dumb*ss. 

I want passionate people to work for me -- people that are passionate about the motorcycle industry, or people that are passionate about the bar industry. The motorcycle business is not the highest paying industry in town. But if you are passionate about it and you have a good work ethic – brother, you can make some good dough in this business. 

The passionate people are hard to find, and they are worth more money when you can find them. I have employees that have worked for me for many years and they make a lot of money. I also have some employees that need to improve their work ethic or they won’t work for me by the time you read this column. (continued)