Amphibious Quadski headed to Miami, Detroit boat shows

Publish Date: 
Feb 1, 2013

MIAMI, Fla. - The Gibbs Technology company is hoping to make a splash with the Gibbs Quadski high-speed sports amphibian at this year's Miami International Boat Show Feb. 14 to 18, and the Detroit Boat Show Feb. 16 to 24.

Two Florida dealers - RIVA Motorsports and Cycle Springs Powersports of Clearwater - will be among the first to sell and service the Quadski in the United States. The world's largest personal watercraft dealer, RIVA has newly expanded facilities in Pompano Beach, Cutler Bay and Key Largo. Cycle Springs Powersports is the Tampa Bay area's largest family-owned powersports dealer. The Quadski is available at dealerships in Florida, Michigan, New York and Texas.

The new HSA weighs 1,300 lbs., is equipped with a 15-gallon fuel tank and retails for about $40,000. It’s available in five colors: red, yellow, blue, silver or black.

"It is the only sports amphibian in the world capable of reaching speeds of 45 miles per hour on both land and water and can transition between both in less than five seconds," said Alan Gibbs, the founder of Gibbs Technologies and Gibbs Sports Amphibians.

Gibbs says the companies have more than 300 patents and patents pending on Gibbs HSA.

"Bringing Quadski to market has been a long uphill battle, but clearly worth the effort, " said Gibbs chairman Neil Jenkins. "Quadski is making its public debut at major marine and powersports shows in the United States this year and will pave the way for a host of other Gibbs amphibians designed for consumers, sports enthusiasts, law enforcement agencies and first responders in years to come."

Posted by Holly Wagner. Press image courtesy Gibbs Technologies