Andy Lee, Metal Mulisha: 'A brand in demand will still thrive'


Andy Lee, West Coast and international sales manager for Metal Mulisha, reflects back on 2010.

“In 2010, we learned that even in amidst a recession, a brand in demand will still thrive. In fact, this past year was a growth year for Metal Mulisha. We have been able to expand our distribution, open new doors across the nation, and gain new fans. … Increased distribution, in our mind, does not water down the brand. It simply just offers it to more diverse groups across wider landscapes. … As a manufacturer, we’ve consciously put more emphasis in certain areas to help the needs of both the retailer and the consumer: strong margins (usually at 50 percent or more), competitive price-point styles, and increased promotions to drive traffic to our partners.

“When you’re in a tough economic environment, you must do more to market your brand than any other time. We understand that people will be less inclined to get out, shop and explore the marketplace, so you must do everything to get the message through so they’ll be enticed to purchase your product. A weak economy, in this instance, may actually be beneficial since it’ll drive pricing down for business-hungry vendors looking to sell you advertising space, POP and other marketing tools.”

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