Announcing: New Polaris RZR Billet Intake Kit

Phoenix, Arizona — KMS Performance is the first to offer a billet intake for the Polaris RZR. This Intake Kit enhances the OEM airbox for performance and optimum air filtration. This intake has been dyno tested and adds up to 4 horsepower over stock. The RZR Intake Kit includes; CNC machined billet intake adapter, K&N air filter, outerwear and hardware. It can be used on any stock RZR with out the use of an electronic fuel controller.

The installation is easy and replaces the stock air box inner plastic snorkel to increase performance and eliminate engine contaminants like dirt and sand. "Through servicing our customers RZRs, we realized that sand ingestion was becoming a major problem. While designing a fix, we were able to enhance power. We installed it on our sponsored racing units and they realized immediate results by winning races. This is a must have if you are concerned about protecting your investment." as quoted from Kelly McLean, owner of KMS Performance.

The RZR is a versatile machine that with some small affordable products, like the Billet Intake Kit, can open up to it?s true potential. The KMS RZR Intake is a perfect combination of reliability and performance.

  • Eliminates Dirt and Sand Contamination
  • Installs Inside Stock Air Box
  • Does Not Need Electronic Fuel Controller
  • Gain up to 4 Horsepower
  • Increased Filter Diameter for Longer Service Life
These can be purchased directly through KMS Performance online or at (602) 442-4340, or on eBay, or via Dealers always welcome. MSRP $150.