Another Testing Milestone For Alternative-Fueled Tank Sports

Tank Sports has successfully completed the development and demonstration stage of its LPG (Propane)-fueled motorcycle, and entered the final stage: U.S. on-road testing, the company announced today.

This is the second Tank Sports green vehicle to enter the final phase of testing. The first was an E85 (Ethanol)-based motorcycle that took more than 5,000 miles of road testing in China and more than 500 miles of testing in the U.S before being released to the public. Tank plans to complete testing on the new cycle before the end of this year.

The new model is dual-powered, using gasoline or propane, making it easy to fuel up in any situation. Propane is a low-emission fuel that can play an important role as alternative, non-petroleum fuel for use in vehicles.

"Everybody should take responsibility for environmental protection. Tank Sports considers saving energy and environmental protection as our No. 1 priority. Motorcycles are more energy efficient than automobiles, and Ethanol and LPG motorcycles are more energy efficient than gasoline as well as being economical and more practical than gasoline," says CEO JiangYong Ji. "This model will satisfy the need of people who are concerned about the environment; moreover, it will save consumers money when gasoline prices are on the rise and more volatile."

Besides environmental benefits, Ji touts propane fuel tanks as 20 times more puncture-resistant than conventional gas tanks and says propane vehicles can double engine life.