Answer Racing unveils new dealer program, pricing

Publish Date: 
Aug 1, 2003
By Tom Roderick

CORONA, Calif. - Answer Racing is staking a claim on the summit of the MX aftermarket. 

With three new lines of gear spanning the pricing spectrum, a media blitz including heavy consumer magazine advertising and retention of at least one well-known racing personality they've got a rolling start.  More importantly, Answer has a new dealer program and more affordable retail pricing.

"We're getting aggressive to get back in the limelight, and when people see our new designs, they're going to be excited about what we're doing with the gear and the helmets," says Answer's new marketing manager, Erick "Big E" Bartoldus.

Answer's been without a major MX racing celebrity since switching their sponsorship dollars to freestyle motocross a while back, but that's going to change in '04.  In negotiation with four SX/MX regulars, according to Big E, Answer will be outfitting someone in top 10 contention.  "We really want to get that high-profile guy in Answer gear."

Helping push consumer interest will be advertising in publications such as Motocross Action and Racer X Illustrated magazines, scheduled for inclusion with the release of their September issues.  Sales reps should have received '04 samples in mid-July and product should be in Answer's warehouse by this month.

All of Answer's '04 gear carries a reduced retail price and all items have a dealer margin of 40%, not including the extra margin given when dealers participate in the special Answer/MSR incentive programs for this year.

Dealers can earn a 4% discount by paying their bill in full by October 31, 3% by the end of November and a 2% by December.  Tucker Rocky reps may be able to supply further discounts for certain (big) orders, or at least throw in some schwag, so don't forget to negotiate.

"The dealer can buy it cheaper and pass the savings along to the customer, and the customer gets to buy as good a product or better than we've offered in the past for less money," says Big E.

The Gear
Everything for '04 is completely new except the top-of-the-line helmet and chest protectors, but even those received new names.  Answer chose to ensure that consumers are aware of the product updates by changing the names of the product lines:  ASX replaces Stylus, while EMX replaces Edge.  Team X, a completely new line, was added as an affordable alternative.  "We wanted to come out with a $99 package of pants, jersey and gloves," explains Big E.

Some of the changes in the new gear include ASX pants receiving additional ribbed spandex panels and dual-stage heat resistant knee shields, while jerseys benefit from additional venting and shoulder pads.  The addition of green and orange brings color choices for EMX to six.  Team X is available in red, gray, blue and yellow color options.

Are these new products and dealer benefits the answer to your dealership's MX apparel questions?  Contact your Tucker Rocky rep for more details.