APT developing SmartCarb system for Gas Gas

Publish Date: 
Jun 17, 2014

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - APT Group Inc., parent company of MotoVox, announced that it is in a SmartCarb development and supplier agreement with Spain-based Gas Gas USA.

Gas Gas USA tested a 28mm billet SmartCarb fuel system during 2013. 

"The results exceeded our expectations," said Dale Malasek, president of Gas Gas USA. "One of the greatest disappointments as a rider is the operational challenge of rapidly changing altitudes. Tuning and recalibrating fuel systems to compensate for altitude is expensive and frustrating, taking significant time that can even compromise the rider's safety and the integrity of the vehicle's power plant.

"During testing periods we operated the vehicle with swings in altitude as much as 8,000 feet at a peak of 13,000 feet, all in a matter of hours. The SmartCarb came with a factory setting at 800 feet above sea level in Kansas City. No jetting was necessary for us to use the product through these extreme altitude swings. I simply did not touch the SmartCarb," Malasek continued.

"Colleagues and customers marveled while they struggled with operating their vehicles in these altitudes. While this alone was extraordinary, obvious gains in performance and significant improvements in fuel economy were also pleasant surprises. There is no other technology like it," said Malasek.     

APT will work with Gas Gas USA to complete a 28mm SmartCarb diecast design specific to the Gas Gas application.

"Billet models are introduced first in efforts to seed the market, create demand, and prove out the design," said W. Corey Dyess, APT senior vice president of research and development. "The challenge is that billet models are machined and carved from blocks of aluminum, resulting in significant manufacturing costs that get passed on to the consumer. The 28mm billet model retails for more than $500, while a diecast model cuts the price in half, resulting in broader consumer appeal. Our goal is to complete a production die cast 28mm model in less than six months.”

Although this 28mm diecast model is being specifically designed for Gas Gas products, the SmartCarb is adaptable to fit many more product applications, according to APT. The total market potential for the 28mm die cast SmartCarb is estimated to be hundreds of thousands of units globally.        

"There is pent-up demand for the SmartCarb die cast models.  We are pleased to see APT move this venture forward," Malasek said. 

Gas Gas is a global off-road and enduro motorcycle brand with distribution in more than 40 countries. Gas Gas products have price points from $8,000 to $12,000. Gas Gas USA is the USA Trial Products import operation.   

Gas Gas will be exhibiting at the 2014 Dealer Expo, Dec. 5-7 in Chicago.

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