AquaPrint Solutions blings bikes with water transfer printing

Publish Date: 
Jun 19, 2013

THOMSON, Ill. – A new option in bike bling had the humblest of beginnings: the test product was a toilet seat for a pub called Poopy’s. (Yes, that's correct.)

Here’s how the owners of AquaPrint Solutions tell it: Last October, AquaPrint gave Poopy’s Pub & Grub several toilet seats that had been dipped in a water transfer printer with unique designs. One of the designs was so popular that even after a full month of use and abuse in the men’s restroom someone stole the used toilet seat that had a riveted metal pattern printed onto it.

Kevin “Poopy” Promenschenkal wanted to display a motorcycle in his pub and thought to himself, “if you can print a pattern onto a toilet seat, why not print it onto a motorcycle tank?”

He took an old motorcycle to Jared Brewer and AquaPrint Solutions. They decided on applying a bright yellow base coat for the tank and layering a black patter with big skulls over top the yellow. Kevin thought this would give the bike the pop he wanted to get his customers to notice the bike.

“Everyone who owns a bike is looking for a way to set their bike apart from everyone else’s. I could have taken my bike to an artist to paint and clear but it would have taken a good deal of time, a lot of money, and a lot of the best artists are booked. This was easy. I brought my tank in looking beat up and a week later, I picked it up looking awesome," says Kevin “Poopy.”

He goes on to say, “I just wanted to make the tank a little more badass and not pay a ton for it. With this process, I saved time…I saved money…and I still got a bad ass bike.”

Designs offered include skulls, several kinds of camo, animal and reptile prints, metal and wood finishes, optical patterns and more. The company can put them on firearms to match.

For more information, visit the AquaPrint website

Posted by Holly Wagner. Press image courtesy AquaPrint.