Arai announces Pro Shade adjustable visor system

Publish Date: 
Apr 3, 2014

ALLENTOWN, Pa.Arai Helmet Inc. now has the Pro Shade System, a visor accessory that can be added to any Arai full-face helmet that uses the SAI-type shield system.

The Pro Shade has an adjustable visor that can be raised to function like a peak to minimize overhead glare. It can also be lowered to provide various angles of sunlight protection. An intelligent lock system prevents the shade from dropping unexpectedly.

The Pro Shade System ($100.95), which will be available in late April, comes installed on a MAX-V Brow Vented shield. In the event of an impact, the movable portion of the shield is designed to break away.

“We’re very proud of the new Pro Shade System,” said Brian Weston, managing director of Arai. “It provides features our customers have asked for, plus additional benefits we’re sure they’ll love, all without limiting an Arai helmet’s most important function: rider protection.”

Media image courtesy of Arai Helmet, Inc.