Arai Defiant: New helmet for urban streetfighter, naked bike market

Publish Date: 
Feb 7, 2013

EL SEGUNDO, Ca - New from Arai is the Defiant helmet, an aggressive looking lid that the company says features a host of innovative features.

Arai unveiled the Defiant to a gathering of moto journalists in a presentation that heavily focused on the company’s history and philosophy about helmet design before launching into details about the new lid.

The company will introduce the helmet to dealers next week in Indianapolis during Dealer Expo.

Aimed at the urban rider/streetfighter motorcycle segment, and based on Arai’s RX-Q shape, the Defiant features the company’s new Facial Contour System (FCS) cheek pads, a pull-down chin spoiler, a two-position chin vent, new intake vents and new exhaust vents.

Because Arai views all helmets first and foremost as energy management systems, the Defiant features the company’s smooth, round shape that is said to allow it slide smoothly along the ground in the course of an accident, says Brian Weston, director of operations with Arai Americas. The shape also allows the helmet to glance off objects during the slide with less rotational forces, Weston adds.

Weston explains that the idea is to create helmets that best protect riders in many situations. “We don’t know if you’re going to ride a scooter or a MotoGP bike,” he says, adding that Arai designs and builds helmets for all riders.

The defiant also sports a couple other key Arai features — a multiple-density EPS liner and the Hyper-Ridge reinforcing band around the opening of the helmet.

According to Weston, the FCS cheek pads serves several purposes, including providing great comfort. The contoured pads are built with multiple layers of different density foam, all backed by a foam “spring” that keeps the pads resting against a rider’s face. The pad’s design also blocks wind noise from entering the helmet, the company says.

If you’ll notice, the upper front intake vents look huge. These feature a three position closure that are said to provide cleaner airflow over the helmet when they’re closed. The helmet’s various venting features are also said to help improve airflow, reduce drag and act as stabilizers to help reduce buffeting.

The new IR chin vent has two positions — one allows air to flow through and up over the inside of the faceshield for defogging, the other opens up airflow to the rider’s mouth. It’s also said to be easy to replace.

The Defiant is available in several solid colors and in various graphics, in sizes XXXS through XXXL.

Posted by Dennis Johnson