ARI brings FootSteps to the powersports market

Publish Date: 
Jun 29, 2011

ARI has revamped its No. 1 lead management software, FootSteps, for use with the powersports market.

Essentially, FootSteps 3.0 is a marketing automation tool that puts a series of processes in place so that when a prospective customer contacts a dealership, that lead is immediately recognized and responded to. This, says John Lintvet, VP of product, is especially important these days given many customers are less willing to wait and have already done some “shopping” before ever contact the store.

“The best dealers in the marketplace understand that many times winning and losing is related to lead response and lead nurturing,” Lintvet says. “That’s the difference between them selling product and not.”

The key feature of FootSteps 3.0 is Channel Connect, the features of which include:

• Automated response to prospects; captures and distributes leads to the appropriate sales person or dealership employee. The leads can even be sent to a sale employee’s mobile phone for immediate response.
• The Lead Status dashboard that allows dealers to monitor how leads are managed — response times, leads converted to sales, which programs most successfully drive revenue.

The system can also be integrated with a store’s DMS to allow for automated marketing efforts. There is no need to import a customer list to a third party for e-marketing. The marketing materials can be tailored to target specific groups of customers based on their profiles in the DMS.

FootSteps can also be used to configure and send follow-up surveys to prospects, reassign prospects as needed and monitor the performance of sales personnel.

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