ARI integrates lead management system with PartSmart

Publish Date: 
Dec 5, 2011

ARI has integrated its FootSteps lead management system with its widely used PartSmart parts lookup software, making it easier for dealership staff to collect and use customer information.

“With a simple click of the mouse, dealers can easily capture customer information in FootSteps at the time of a sale or service event, record make and model information, as well as keep track of parts orders and service quotes,” says Catie Lukas‐Ter Horst, ARI’s product manager of eCatalogs. “The integration of FootSteps and PartSmart and the resulting flow of data between these lead management solutions,” Lukas-Ter Horst continues, “offers dealers a powerful value proposition in that they can now easily automate a consistent and professional series of communications that will keep their brand, products and services at the forefront of their customers’ mind. They can proactively engage targeted customers and suggest seasonal service, recommend or upsell maintenance plans or notify them of special offers and promotions in a highly cost‐effective manner.”

ARI claims more than 50,000 people worldwide now use PartSmart. The software’s Internet Update Service lets users download and install catalog updates as soon as they become available. PartSmart interfaces with more than 90 dealer business management systems.

FootSteps allows dealers to capture and distribute leads related to vehicle sales, parts or service. FootSteps also helps dealers target and nurture customers, as well as track, manage and report lead management activity.

ARI has integrated FootSteps not only with PartSmart, but also with dealership websites and business management systems, allowing the system to consolidate leads from multiple sources.

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Posted by Arlo Redwine