ARI launches investor relations website

Publish Date: 
Apr 19, 2013

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - ARI Network Services (OTCBB: ARIS) this week launched an investor relations website designed to provide customers, shareholders and prospective investors with an "easy to navigate" overview of the company's business- and investment-related information.

“Having had the opportunity to meet with many current and prospective investors, it is clear that they are interested in having a better understanding of our markets, customers, business model and performance,” said Roy W. Olivier, president and CEO. “Our new site answers many of these questions in a straightforward and intuitively visual way. We believe that it will be the cornerstone of our conversations going forward.”

The investor relations site includes the latest company news, financial performance trends and history, key governance information, and stock information, including OTC Real Time Level 2 quotes. 
“We are committed to providing our customers, shareholders and future investors with timely and accurate information that is accessible and actionable,” said Darin Janecek, chief financial officer. “The new site accomplishes this objective through new content, intuitive navigation and a mobile?optimized design.”