Ark. Taxman Shuts Down Milam's Honda-Kawasaki


Arkansas authorities have shut down Milam’s Honda-Kawasaki in Pine Bluff for nonpayment of sales taxes, according to published reports.

Liens had been filed for $1,077.84 by Feb. 19, said Roberta Overman, manager of the Sales and Use Tax Section of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. More could follow, she told the Pine Bluff Commercial.

Milam’s was incorporated Jan. 4, 1972 and the land was purchased in 1967, according to the Jefferson County Assessor’s Web site.

“With businesses that are three months or more behind on sales tax, we go through a series of attempts to contact them by letter,” Overman told the newspaper. “If we get no response, a field investigator visits the site to hand-deliver notice. They have five days to resolve the issue. If that’s unsuccessful, we close the business.” The business can reopen if the owners catch up on their tax payments.

Posted by Holly Wagner