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COLORADO House Bill 1050, set to take effect July 1, requires the state's DMV to establish a specialized motorcycle driver's license endorsement program for trike riders. Riders with the general two-wheel motorcycle endorsement on their licenses may continue to operate three-wheelers; however, riders with the three-wheeler endorsement would need to get the two-wheel endorsement before riding any other type of motorcycle.

PENNSYLVANIA State Rep. Gary Haluska (D-Patton) has proposed changing the state's ATV law that prohibits big quads from state-owned trails. HB 2043 would change the definition of Class I ATVs as those weighing 1,000 pounds maximum when dry, in contrast to current state law which limits Class I vehicles to 800 pounds or less. Opponents argue that current Class I state trails and bridges are designed to handle only lighter and narrower ATVs.

NEW YORK Whether they knew they were doing it or not, lawmakers have cut a $1 million Snowmobile Trail and Maintenance Fund, which supports upkeep and enforcement of 10,000 miles of snowmobile trails, from the state budget. The cut allegedly slipped through during final hours of budget deliberations in the state legislature, according to local press reports. The snowmobile fund had been drawn off increased sled registration fees since 2005. More than 200 snowmobile clubs from around the state are lobbying legislators to return the fund to the budget.

UTAH The state is repealing the current Class M license and establishing new requirements for obtaining a motorcycle endorsement. HB 72, among other things, establishes new restrictions for riders operating on motorcycle learner's permits and for new riders under the age of 19. A bill in the state Senate, SB 181, would allow cities and counties to designate certain streets and highways open to street-legal off-highway vehicles, including ATVs.

VIRGINIA In cooperation with officials in Kentucky and West Virginia, the state is creating a Southwest Regional Recreation Authority that would connect and manage trails in all three states.

WISCONSIN The Outagamie County Board in April voted overwhelmingly to keep ATVs off a 23-mile recreation trail between Seymour and New London.