Arrow 2013 exhaust options target BMW, Honda

Publish Date: 
Jun 4, 2013
By Bruce Steever

Arrow continues to offer new performance exhausts options for the latest machines from around the world, such as the updated BMW S1000RR (shown at right) and Honda’s all-new CB500F and CB500R. Arrow promises improved power and less weight as you would expect from the new systems, but it is the modular nature of the Arrow parts that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Unlike many aftermarket exhaust options, Arrow offers the same exhaust canisters in both slip-on and full system applications. This means that the dealer and the customer alike face simplified choices. An Arrow dealer can stock one of each canister style but only needs to keep a single exhaust header, giving a full range of product choice for minimal investment. And customers can purchase a slip-on exhaust today and then upgrade at a later date to a full system without having to discard the previously purchased canister.

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