ASA Electronics' Jensen stereo can take on great outdoors

Publish Date: 
Jun 25, 2013
By Bruce Steever

ELKHART, Ind. - Electronics have a rough life ahead of them when they get picked up by a powersports enthusiast.

From that point forward, the poor device can only look forward to vibration, rain, dirt and grime, often while being mishandled or kludged onto an existing vehicles electrical system.

Times like these demand a tough system.

ASA Electronics has a music solution that is reportedly capable of handling the abuse: the JHD40BT Jensen Heavy-Duty Bluetooth stereo. The 160 watt (composed of four 40 watt speakers) radio features FM, AM and NOAA weather station tuning along with USB input ready for your favorite music storage device.

And, of course, it earns the “heavy-duty” moniker by being waterproof to the IPX6 heavy-splashing-and-rain standard, UV- and corrosion-resistant and ready to handle most any mounting surface either inside a vehicle or out.

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