Assemble your own brake lines, the easy and organized way

Publish Date: 
Aug 27, 2013
By Mary Green Slepicka

MADISON, Wis. - Harley-Davidson OE and aftermarket parts supplier Magnum Shielding was at the Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties National Vendor Presentation last weekend to showcase its new BYO Builder's Kits, a set of cases that contain and organize all the necessary parts for building your own next-generation universal brake lines.

The kits include lines in a choice of black or chrome-coated stainless steel, along with a manifold, the proper amount of banjos, fittings, washers and even the company's vice wrench for quick assembly. All of the parts for each kit are organized in handy black cases.

Magnum prices the kits starting at around $550 (retail) and up.

Image courtesy Magnum Shielding