Atlantic Beach passes Bikefest ordinances


Atlantic Beach’s Town Council has approved changes to town rules regarding vendors, alcohol sales and traffic plans to conform management of Bikefest activities to city ordinances.

The new ordinance makes certain exceptions for Bikefest so it does not violate the town's ordinance, town attorney John Zilinsky says. Changes include limitng alcoholic beverage sales to vendors displaying appropriate licenses and permits, and only at fixed locations approved by the police chief.

Vendors will be restricted to fixed locations, and Bikefest organizers will approve or disapprove all amplified entertainment activity, according to the Myrtle Beach Sun News.

Officials will create a traffic plan to restrict bike, car and pedestrian traffic to certain sections of the town, and police and Bikefest personnel will use golf cards to operate and manage the festival.

The changes are partly in response to a lawsuit that resident and sometime council candidate Paul Curry filed against the town in 2008, claiming it was not following its own laws.

A hearing regarding Curry's suit has been rescheduled for Monday.

This year's festival will be held May 28-31.

Posted by Holly Wagner