ATV Barn opens at former Iowa Yamaha dealer site


A former Yamaha dealership in Centerville, Iowa has a new business and a new life as the ATV Barn.

Owners Mike Sornson, 57, and Deb Fenton, 52, offer service and repairs for all types of ATVs. In the future they might start selling used ATVs. Sornson came up with the business name because he wanted to appeal to local farmers.

"Farmers all got ATVs and that's kind of who we shoot for," he told the Daily Iowegian. "I'd say every farmer in the area has got at least two and then you have the people that ride them for pleasure, for the sport."

Sornson worked for five different ATV dealerships around the country before opening his own shop Oct. 24. "This is what I've done since 1990-1991 when I got started in the business working for dealerships," he says.

Sornson does repairs at the ATV Barn while Fenton does the paperwork and marketing. So far, business has "been better than I expected," Sornson says.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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