ATVs swarm Atlanta in protest of street restrictions

Publish Date: 
Aug 19, 2014

ATLANTA, Ga. - Several hundred people on ATVs and dirt bikes swarmed Atlanta Sunday and authorities say many were driving recklessly.

The activity began around noon with dozens of calls to 911 about the off-road vehicles blocking traffic, according to WGCL. Riding dirtbikes and ATVs are illegal in the city. At one point, Pittman Park was the scene of a large rally of about 150 ATVs and dirt bikes.

A video posted to YouTube shows dozens of riders blowing through a stoplight, trapping drivers in the intersection.

According to police, one rider stalled his ATV and when an officer tried to apprehend him, he abandoned the ATV, jumped on the back of another ATV and sped away.

WGCL received an email from someone claiming to be part of the group. In a telephone conversation, the man claimed the ride was in protest to the ordinance banning ATVs and dirtbikes.

He also claimed there will be more rides in the future, and that riders from out of state are being recruited to bolster the group’s numbers.

The man said social media sites like Facebook are being used to coordinate and organize the rides. Police have not said if any of the drivers have licenses to operate the vehicles on road.