Auction123 creates Facebook app for displaying real-time inventory


Auction123 — a longtime maker of software for listing inventory on a dealer’s website, eBay and other venues — now offers a Facebook application that allows dealers to display a real-time showroom on their Facebook page. The app also lets them post individual units to their wall.

Auction123 says the app connects seamlessly with a dealer's existing Facebook page. When shoppers click on a vehicle, they open a detailed presentation with extra-large images and rich content, including all features and options. Videos entered into the Auction123 Dealer Dashboard can be viewed from the vehicle details page. Users can submit secure credit applications and share vehicles with friends.

All vehicle changes made within the Auction123 Inventory Management and Marketing system will simultaneously update to the dealership's Facebook page. Dealers can add and edit marketing text directly from the Auction123 Dealer Dashboard to be included on the "Our Inventory" Facebook tab. Dealership banners and graphics will also display on the "Our Inventory" page.

Dealers can post individual vehicles to their Facebook wall from the Auction123 system. The vehicle wall posts will automatically populate with titles, descriptions, links and data. Using the Auction123 Inventory Management and Marketing system, dealers can customize the vehicle wall posts and include unique marketing messages.

“The number of automotive, motorcycle, and RV dealers who advertise and market their dealerships on Facebook is astonishing,” Auction123 president Ray Basha stated in a press release. "We strive to not only advance the online marketing exposure for our automotive dealers, but to truly assist other vehicle category dealerships in staying with the times and increasing their online presence. We were one of the first eBay listing providers to support these categories and now we're the first offering them the tools to compete in the current social media marketing environment."

For more information, contact Auction123 by calling 888-514-0123.

Posted by Arlo Redwine