Author Mitchel shows ‘How to Build a Café Racer’

Publish Date: 
Mar 7, 2013

NORTH BRANCH, Minn. — With the popularity of café racers spreading from Europe to the U.S., author Doug Mitchel has identified a need for a how-to manual that shows enthusiasts how to “convert their bikes from stock and boring to lean and fast” — and everything in between.

How to Build a Café Racer (CarTech, 2013) is a 144-page tome filled with photographs (300 to be exact) that explores the history of the café racer, and how to plan and complete your own build through hands-on examples of two start-to-finish café racer builds. Mods like shocks, tires and engine modifications are explained in detail.

Mitchel, a veteran automotive journalist, is no stranger to books, having written more than 20 in his career.

How to Build a Café Racer is priced at $27.95; when we checked at presstime it was temporarily out of stock on Amazon; however, reportedly it is still available through CarTech by calling 800-551-4754 or visiting