Avast ye, blizzard! QuadBoss has 50-in. snow plow

Publish Date: 
Oct 4, 2012

QUADBOSS adds a 50-inch standard plow blade to its collection of Pile Driver snow plow blades for ATVs and UTVs.

The blade (product No. 56-3633) has a 3-inch wearbar. It’s made of 11-gauge steel and has reinforced back braces, both of which help boost blade strength. The “aggressive” blade angle reportedly provides excellent scraping results — and it’s easily adjustable to five different angle positions with a quick-release pin.

A black powdercoat finish help protect the plow from the elements. The QuadBoss blade works with the company’s straight push tubes and universal mounting gear for ATVs and UTVs.

QuadBoss products are available through Tucker Rocky. www.quadboss.com.