Avon Motorcycle Tyres partners with PSI

Publish Date: 
Jun 1, 2011

AVON  Motorcycle Tyres North America said it will partner with Power Sports Institute for 2011 to help develop educational training programs.

PSI provides specialized training to technicians by partnering with industry manufacturers to create customized shop environments that more fully prepare technicians through hands-on education. The core of this training is manufacturer-specific education providing unique product installation, operation, diagnostic, maintenance, repair and application information for the students.

“Through this partnership and unique program, PSI technicians will gain hands-on Avon Tyres product knowledge with support from our staff,” stated Sukoshi Fahey, sales and marketing manager for Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America. “We look forward to providing educational information, tire products and more in support of the PSI mission.”

Avon will host educational seminars for PSI instructors and students each semester, and will provide supportive educational information for the PSI staff to be used in the training program. Avon will also provide a number of tires for use in the classroom that will include valuable information related to tire selection, mounting, balancing, diagnostics and more, as well as proper dyno-testing techniques. The company will also provide motorcycle tires for project motorcycles, as well as a set of tires to be awarded to the PSI Student of the Year.

Press release posted by Dennis Johnson