Avon provides tires for "American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior"

Publish Date: 
Dec 21, 2010

Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America has partnered with Paul Jr. Designs to provide motorcycle tires for 13 to 15 custom-built motorcycles to be featured on this season’s “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.”

The show, previously broadcast by TLC network, began Dec. 6 on the Discovery Channel. Continuing to record the fierce rivalry between father and son, the show will include custom choppers built by Paul Jr. Designs.

”The Avon team is really excited to work with Paul Jr. Designs on this season’s 'American Chopper,'” Sukoshi Fahey, sales and marketing manager for Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America, says in a press release. “Paul Jr. is exceptionally well known, even outside the motorcycle world, and we are all looking forward to seeing the amazing custom choppers that he and his team create.”

Paul Jr. got his start in 1999 when he created the well-known logo for Orange County Choppers, the custom motorcycle business he co-founded in New York. He went on to create some of the most recognizable theme choppers in the world, including the Black Widow Bike, the Fire Bike and the Jet Bike. He has worked with some of the top companies in the world such as Intel, NASA and Gillette.

For a broadcast schedule for "American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior," and to view videos, visit http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/american-chopper.

Posted by Arlo Redwine