Avon Tyres to be title sponsor for M-Gymkhana

Publish Date: 
Feb 18, 2014

STOW, Ohio – Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America has partnered with M-Gymkhana as the title sponsor of the 2014 series.

M-Gymkhana was created in 2012 to offer motorcycle enthusiasts a safe, local, affordable, competitive sport. The M-Gymkhana mission is to provide an environment for motorcyclists to enjoy healthy competition, gain motorcycle knowledge, and improve riding skills and technique in a competition course environment while making friends within the motorcycle community.

“The concept of M-Gymkhana is fantastic, and we’re pleased to support the organization as the title sponsor this year,” stated Sukoshi Fahey, sales and marketing manager for Avon Tyres. “If you own a motorcycle, you want to ride it and enjoy it, regardless of your skill level. This sport encourages camaraderie in the local motorcycle community through friendly, competition. Participants learn motorcycle safety, skills and riding techniques in a fun and supportive environment, and we’re glad to be a part of it.”  

Located in Glendale, Calif., the organization will host 11 events beginning Feb. 22.

Posted by Vince Guerrieri