Avon updates Storm range of sport-touring tires

Publish Date: 
Mar 30, 2014
By Bruce Steever

STOW, Ohio - The latest offering from Avon in the competitive sport-touring tire market is an update for its popular Storm series, now called the Storm 3D X-M.

The “3D” part of the name comes from the tires’ new three-dimensional siping designs that interlock to provide improved stability and grip while reducing both warm-up time and carcass flex. Like most modern tires, the new Storms make use of multi-compound technology as well. Importantly, the Storm 3D W-M range is designed to do it all, giving riders good grip in both wet and dry conditions while still providing excellent mileage, making it a good fit for touring and commuting riders. With sizing ranging from 19-17 inches in front tires and 16-18 inches in rear tires, the Storm is available for a variety of machines as well.