AXO promotes new street footwear


AXO’s main focus at Dealer Expo is a new-from-the-ground-up lineup of street footwear and just a taste of a new street jacket lineup for 2012. The company’s also educating dealers about its new MAP and Internet policies.

“We have new products every month, so our booth is a preview of the next three months and a display of the previous three months,” says Steve Goldberg, AXO’s inside sales territory manager. “Dealers do not tend to place orders at the show anymore. They work just-in-time with us.”

Goldberg explains the new pricing policies: “We will enforce MSRP on the Internet. Rule of thumb: If you Google an AXO product, all prices should be the same. But we will let the dealers give rebates or other forms of discount from the shopping cart on. That is going to level the battleground for brick-and-mortar and e-commerce, as the consumer will see the same price both on the Internet and on the shelves, but at the same time, as the traditional dealer does, the e-commerce guys will be able to give any discount or rebate at time of check out.

“This will make the MAP policy very easy to enforce,” Goldberg continues, “and will not leave room for misinterpretation, such as abandoned shopping cart discounts, etc. Enforcing the MSRP is going to give an average 10 percent extra margin to the e-commerce guys, as so far they all have been giving 10 percent off our products. In addition to that, we will run special promotions that will affect both MSRP and wholesale prices. These specials will be scheduled every four months together with the key accounts.

“We will also introduce ‘Internet products’ under a macro category called iAXO. They will be mainly characterized by innovative features such as BOA lacing system on the footwear line: in other words, a new generation of products for the new generation. The fact that they are ‘Internet products’ doesn’t mean they will be only available through the Internet, but they will target that distribution channel.”