AXO uses nZania for product placement

Publish Date: 
Jun 1, 2002

In a move company executives feel will build brand awareness and increase exposure for the AXO name, AXO USA recently signed a deal with nZania, a distributor of private label and licensed brands, to place AXO casual wear in better specialty/department stores nationwide.

The agreement will not adversely impact AXO's core motorcycle dealers, says Mark Gandy, director of products for AXO USA and Helmet House, Inc.  Instead, it is intended to eventually drive more customers to dealers' doors.  "Right now, Supercross and motocross are enjoying great popularity and growth," says Gandy.  "We feel this new direction will do much to further promote and support the incredible market growth by putting the well-known AXO brand in front of countless consumers."

One example Gandy gives involves back-to-school shopping.  By placing product in better specialty stores - Gadzooks, Mr. Rags and Pacific Wave, to name just a few - parents who previously may not have associated the AXO name with quality clothing will be exposed to the brand.  The potential for crossover from traditional garments to motocross apparel and other powersports product is apparent.  "The casual wear market is very big," notes Gandy.  "It can accomplish a lot of things for our industry."

Those responsible for the look of the line include Jim Duval, nZania's director of design & merchandising; Adrian Nyman, nZania's lead designer and founder of NC Clothing; and AXO USA's apparel team.  Dealers will have the opportunity to stock the same casual wear as the specialty stores.  What's more, additional AXO casual wear offerings will be made available exclusively to powersports retailers.


As far as the core AXO-branded motorcycle product is concerned, Gandy is very clear on the subject:  "Our dealers need to know that core AXO race-related product will still be theirs exclusively," he says.  "We would never do anything to compromise their role or contribution to our sales and success."

AXO USA isn't selling out; it isn't the goal of the company to create competition for their dealers.  Rather, they are looking to create a situation that will eventually help dealers sell-through product on a regular basis.  The plan is to develop an increased customer base by tapping into an available resource that has the potential to be rewarding for all involved."We are looking at ways to promote the sport and build the industry," explains Gandy.  "The whole idea is to give dealers more business.  We are at the tip of the iceberg as to how we can continue to grow as an industry... We want to help build the dealers' business because that ultimately builds our business; the better the dealer does, the happier we are."

- Steve Nessl






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