Baja Designs' uService tech enables DIY light repair

Publish Date: 
Apr 10, 2013

SAN MARCOS, Calif. - Baja Designs launches its uService technology for many of its LED lighting products, which allows riders to rebuild their light's damaged optics or lenses.

According to the company, consumers no longer have to replace an entire LED light bar or send it back to the factory for repair. The uService design allows them to fix it themselves and change the optics of the light if wanted.

"Racing off-road for over 25 years has taught BD engineers to design products to endure even the roughest of conditions. Our uService replaceable lenses and optics will further guarantee a race finish while also saving you money from needing to buy a replacement light," says Baja Designs founder Alan Roach. "You wouldn't throw out your car if your windshield cracks, would you? No, you'd just replace the windshield. So why would anyone design a disposable LED driving light? That’s crazy!"

The company's uService products are o-ring sealed and can be submerged up to 9 ft., and are pressure washer safe up to 1,450 psi. All products that feature this technology carry the uService icon.

Posted by Dennis Johnson