Baker Drivetrain Opens Online Store

Publish Date: 
Sep 16, 2009

BAKER DRIVETRAIN has opened an online store ( that allows consumers to buy all Baker products directly from the company. Also, Baker dealers can request unique login information that will allow them to view special-level pricing, as well as special offers and content.

The company’s Lisa Baker tells Dealernews that out of necessity, Baker Drivetrain has always sold directly to consumers. “If dealers could sell enough without us selling directly, to keep us in business, we’d be happy to do that,” she says.

Baker Drivetrain will be careful when pricing products on the site, Baker says. “Our every intention is not to undercut dealers,” she says. “If we offer a sale to the public, we would then offer a comparable sale to the dealer.” Most of the time, she adds, dealers are given a opportunity to buy products at a lower price before the new consumer-direct pricing takes effect.

In a press release targeted to consumers and dealers, Baker Drivetrain states, “Buying direct ensures that the service, products and experience are the best you can get!”

The site contains technical information, pricing, availability, shipping info, images, upgrades and unique customer profiles.

Baker Drivetrain says dealers should use the site to educate themselves and order products. “Perhaps most importantly,” the company states, “this can be a tool to help you educate your customers, and work with them to purchase exactly what they need for their bikes.”

To promote the site's launch, Baker Drivetrain has limited-time pricing on the DD6, which the company describes as “the quietest, most efficient, best-selling transmission we’ve ever made.” The retail price for the builder’s kit is $1,995, which is the original wholesale price. Dealers in turn can buy the kits for 20 percent off their old price.