Barnett Harley-Davidson adds Viper


Barnett Harley-Davidson in El Paso, Texas, has signed on as a Viper Motorcycle dealer, Viper announced today.

"Signing Barnett Harley-Davidson is a coup. It's an impressive business and our mutual opportunities are endless. It's also very gratifying that we can attract such a visible and successful dealer like Barnett,” says Terry Nesbitt, president of Viper Motorcycle Co. “We are still relatively new to the market but knowing we can attract these key dealers is an indication of what we can offer moving forward and an understanding that the timing and positioning of our products is excellent and in demand."

Before taking on Viper, owner and GM Mark Barnett had many employees and a handful of customers test-drive a Diamondback to get their opinions.

"Viper has a great product. The new Ilmor engine feels like a small V8, it has other worldly power. Plus this bike runs very smoothly, shifts well and stays cool. There wasn't a lot of heat coming off the motor like with so many other large displacement twins,” Barnett said. “Overall, the bike felt very refined and is in its own super power cruiser niche, one I think many customers would enjoy."

Nesbitt says 2011 Diamondbacks are shipping “with an excellent retail sell-thru. The first bikes are sold and customers are literally patiently waiting as we make deliveries.”

Posted by Holly Wagner