Bayside Harley-Davidson

Publish Date: 
Mar 1, 2008

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Owner: Maurice D. Slaughter Location: Portsmouth, Va. Store Size: 36,000 sq. ft. Years in Business: 10 Vehicle Brands Carried: Harley-Davidson URL:

Strengths: Bayside's interior was designed to honor the Navy, whose bases surround the dealership in just about every direction. Customers are welcomed aboard the USS Bayside, and the interior features a second-floor catwalk in the likeness of an aircraft carrier bridge wing, port and starboard running lights, and a lifeboat. Another lifeboat serves as the general sales manager's desk. Various rooms get names like Navigator for the GM's quarters, Machine Shop for the service department and Crew's Quarters for the employee lounge. Throughout the dealership are models of aircraft carriers and submarines that have been built in nearby naval shipyards in Portsmouth and Newport News.

The dealership's exterior prominently displays H-D bikes in a lighted, six-story tower, the tallest motorcycle display tower in the world. Bayside's Rumble Through the Tunnels is the largest police-escorted group ride in the state of Virginia.