Bazzaz develops dynamometer for motorcycles, ATVs

Publish Date: 
Aug 9, 2012

CHINO HILLS Calif. - To complement its line of engine management systems, Bazzaz now sells the Principia dynamometer available in several versions for motorcycles, ATVs and karts.

The dyno logs and processes data logging using an ignition pickup, a chrome-on-glass encoder, and dynamic load control with self-tuning of control loop. Principia’s connection is fiber optic for high EMI immunity and reportedly 10 times more bandwidth than typical serial. All data is true data, physically measured rather than interpolated.

Bazzaz claims the software offers intuitive, user-friendly commands that reduce training and operating time with linear, step, and new testing methods such as Speed Squared for wind-drag simulation.

The dyno features flat-black diamond plate atop a deep, glossy-blue body with white accents.

Bazzaz says the machine is low-maintenance and built to last with physically calibrated drivetrain components and overspeced SFK bearings.

The Bazzaz Principia dynamometer is available in a range of models with single or dual rollers to accommodate motorcycles, ATVs and karts. Models are available as Load Control versions with an eddy-brake or Inertia-Only versions. Numerous upgrades are available, including gas loading ramps and a complete 160 mph ram-air simulation kit.

Posted by Arlo Redwine