Bazzaz updates software, lowers fuel controller prices

Publish Date: 
Apr 16, 2013

CHINO HILLS, Calif. - Bazzaz is tweaking its product offerings by lowering the price on its fuel controllers and releasing an updated version of its Z-Mapper software.

Bazzazz said that by lowering its pricing and offering the new software, it can make professional-level tuning technology available for every enthusiast. The price reductions come via improved production procedures and costs, the company noted.

The Z-Fi fuel control unit is now $349.95, down from $379.95, while Bazzaz’s Z-Fi TC all-in-one fuel control, quick shift and traction control unit drops to $849.95 from $949.95. The Z-Fi QS product is now discontinued.

The company’s new tuning software is now available for free to anyone with an existing or new Bazzaz unit. New features include:

  • Color-coded fuel map cells to indicate lean/rich fuel areas,
  • Easy and clear functionality,
  • Operating point crosshairs and map-aligned throttle/RPM gauges,
  • Full support for over 15 languages including non-Latin script,
  • Automatic update prompt, ensuring customers always have the latest features,
  • Default traction control maps with color-coded sensitivity map, and
  • A resizable, attractive layout with eye-friendly color scheme and layout, according to the company.

Posted by Dennis Johnson