BBC seeks rival custom motorcycle shops for new reality show

Publish Date: 
Aug 5, 2013

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Once one network gets a motorcycle reality show, everybody wants one. The network that brought you “Hairy Bikers” in 2011 and “Top Gear” is looking for crosstown rival custom shops to star in a new reality TV series.

BBC Worldwide productions has an open casting call through Aug. 13 seeking territorial competitors from anytown, USA. Here’s the skinny:

“Are you a bike builder, ready to show your rival shop who’s the BOSS? We are seeking rival designer/build experts from the same area of the country to show us what you’re made of and settle the score once and for all. 
Do you have a shop that turns out extreme and cool bikes (or anything else that moves) and have a real life beef with another shop nearby? 

Give us a holler, tell us what’s up, send us some pics and let’s do this!”

Details are available on Reality Wanted.

Posted by Holly Wagner