BEARTek riding gloves feature Bluetooth audio controllers

Publish Date: 
Nov 28, 2012

DALLAS, Texas - A technology company is launching an exclusive collection of motorcycle gloves that features an integrated Bluetooth system that allows riders to control audio and communication devices, as well as smartphones, via buttons in the fingers of the glove.

Blue Infusion Technologies is running a campaign through the grassroots funding platform, Kickstarter, to help support development of the BEARTek Gloves lineup. Supporters of the online campaign will be the first to own a pair of the gloves, which are expected to be released in Spring 2013. There is also a line of Bluetooth enabled gloves for skiers.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, backers pledging $150 or more will receive a pair of the ski gloves when they are produced, while those pledging $170 or more will get a pair of the motorcycle gloves.

Company founders Willie Blount and Tarik Rodgers, a motorcyclist and a skier, respectively, say the gloves provide a convenient way of operating an electronic device by simply pushing the buttons on the glove fingers. The BEARTek reportedly works with iPhones 3G and newer, Android phones, any Bluetooth sound system (reportedly even headsets and helmets).

The website says that the gloves work like this:

  • Pair the glove with your smartphone or audio device
  • Wear the glove just like any other glove
  • Control the music or calls by using your thumb to touch the appropriate buttons

Blount and Rodgers reportedly worked with a glove manufacturer that's worked with Harley-Davidson and Yamaha, and received development support from the Maryland Industrial Partnerships and the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program.

The riding gloves are reportedly built using carbon fiber knuckles and feature pre-curved fingers, high tensile strength nylon thread stitching and double stitching on high impact and high use parts of the glove.

"Our team has put in a numerous amount of time, effort and resources in designing the BEARTek Gloves to meet the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts," Blount said in a press release. "We are extremely excited about premiering the gloves on Kickstarter where supporters can being purchasing pairs of gloves, while concurrently supporting the mission of getting BEARTek Gloves manufactured and in stores throughout the country."

Posted by Dennis Johnson