Beckford, Gadsons take on expanded roles at SportBikes Inc.

Publish Date: 
Jul 2, 2013

PHILADELPHIA, Pa - SportBikes Inc Magazine has announced the addition of VIP editors to the magazine’s staff.

“As a brand, we are focused on the sport and the lifestyle of what it means to be a motorcyclist. Our team was composed to reflect the many different cultures and subcultures of the two-wheeled world,” said Allan Lane, SportBikes Inc Magazine publisher and editor in chief. “These new appointments will continue to direct SBI in the direction that it needs to go as an industry leading publication.“

(Model, actor and host) 
Beckford has been appointed Lifestyle Director and will oversee all lifestyle elements of SBI to ensure that the brand is moving in the right direction at all times. He will continue to write his monthly column, This Life.
(10-time drag bike champion) 
Gadson has been a heavy influencer and contributor to SBI since the magazine’s inception. As Drag Racing Director he will oversee the inclusion of pertinent drag racing content in the pages of SBI.
(Musician, actor)
Having toured the world with The Cult, Camp Freddy and now with Billy Idol... Billy Morrison now joins SBI as International Correspondent.
(AMA Pro Racing) 
Alexander is fulfilling the role of Road Race Editor while actively competing as a professional road racer. He will continue with his monthly article, The Inside Track.
(Pro Drag Racer) 
Pro drag racer Capo brings his knowledge and experience as a top authority in the sport of drag racing and as Drag Racing Editor. His Capo’s Cut is a continuing series that sheds light on what it really takes to compete in top form.
(Sports manager, model)
Kiana Gadson joins the SBI Family as Fashion Editor. Her experience in modeling and sports management as husband Rickey Gadson’s agent and manager places her at the front line of what is happening in the world of motorcycle apparel and fashion. Kiana is Focused on Fashion every month in SBI.
(Pro freestyle stunt rider)
Leah Petersen co founded the freestyle site and community, Highly regarded as a top performer, she is also one of the most recognizable faces in the world of freestyle stunt riding. As the Rev Limiter Editor of SBI, Petersen will continue to shine the spotlight on all things stunt with her monthly Violet Stars and Happy Stunting columns.
(Lead instructor at Penguin Racing School) 
As Riding Editor, Wood brings expertise as a former AMA Pro Racer and current lead Instructor at the nation’s oldest racing school. Every issue, Wood helps riders with Improve Your Skills.
(AMA Pro Racing crew manager)
Campion’s time spent on the grid and in the pits of the AMA field has provided him with life lessons that he passes onto the readers of SBI in his Ask the Pro Wrench. Campion steps into the role of SBI’s Moto Tech Editor.


Press release posted by Holly Wagner