Bel-Ray offers detailing, protectant in spray-on formula

Publish Date: 
Dec 13, 2012

FARMINGDALE, N.J. - Bel-Ray’s latest release comes in the form of a convenient spray-on formula. The Silicone Detailer and Protectant spray has been specifically designed for the powersports industry, working its magic on multiple surfaces that include plastic, fiberglass, chrome, metal, glass and rubber, the company says.

The spray coats surfaces in a water-resistant film that also amps up color and hides minor flaws to help restore the appearance of the vehicle to factory-finish. The spray also acts as a barrier against debris, making surfaces easier to clean.

"Now we can help powersports enthusiasts take care of their machines, both outside and inside, to get a shiny machine that performs better," said Jennifer Liquori, chief operating officer at Bel-Ray.