Bert's Mega Mall Owner Injured in Dirtbike Accident


It has just come to our attention that Ron Seidner, owner of Top 100 dealer Bert’s Mega Mall in Covina, Calif., is recovering from multiple injuries after accidentally riding his dirtbike off a cliff during Thanksgiving weekend.

According to Darren Shaffer, the store’s purchasing manager, Seidner and his family were visiting Dumont Dunes, roughly 30 miles north of Baker, Calif., in the Mojave Desert.

Seidner was riding a YZ250F down the center of what he thought was a razorback (a peak of a sand dune that drops off gradually on either side). But in reality, one side was a cliff with about a 30-foot drop. A mirage fooled Seidner into riding off it, Shaffer reports.

Seidner suffered a shattered pelvis, a dislocated hip, a broken collar bone and several broken ribs. After being airlifted to a hospital and undergoing surgeries, he is now at home recovering.

“He is doing a lot better,” Shaffer says, “and he will be back on his feet probably in a few months. Thank God he didn’t get hurt worse. It could have been a lot worse, that’s for sure.”

Shaffer is referring to the fact that at the time of the accident, Seidner’s family was following him in and atop their own vehicles.

Just before the accident, Seidner’s wife, Kim, had scolded one of her daughters for following her father too closely in a side-by-side. She told her daughter to go to the back of the caravan, which put Seidner’s more attentive son directly behind him.

After they started up again, that’s when Seidner went off the cliff. Instead of following, his son stopped, then led the group down the safe side of the hill.

“Kim probably saved her daughter’s life, or prevented her from suffering a serious injury,” Shaffer says.

Ron Seidner graced the June 2009 cover of Dealernews. Click here to read the profile that appeared in the magazine.