Best Chemical Named Distributor For VP Racing Fuels In Southeast Asia

SAN ANTONIO, TX — VP Racing Fuels, the world leader in race fuel technology, today announced an agreement making Best Chemical Co (S) Pte Ltd VP's distributor for Southeast Asia.

Based in Singapore, China, Best Chemical is a manufacturer, wholesaler and stockist, providing various chemical solutions to industries worldwide. In support of the VP product line, which includes leaded, unleaded and methanol blends,Best Chemical offers delivery services daily to Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, East Timor and Vietnam.

"The motorsports sector and demand for performance products in Southeast Asia is growing," said Johnny Wong, business development manager of Best Chemical, "and VP is well-positioned to become the fuel of choice among motorsports enthusiasts here." Mr Wong, an avid motorsports competitor who attained the "SMSA (Singapore Motor Sports Association) Super Grade Driver" status in 2005, added, "I believe VP will be the next big thing that will shape the future of motorsports racing both in Singapore and throughout the region."

"We're excited about our partnership with Best Chemical," said Bruce Hendel, VP's Global Sales Manager. "While VP has done business sporadically in various countries in this region, Best Chemical offers a major centralized distribution hub that will take us to the next level. They have all the proper permits to import and export flammable and hazardous material for distribution throughout Southeast Asia."

"Over the years, Best Chemical has established a network of key industry players within the motorsports sector in Southeast Asia," Wong continued. "And with several major events scheduled for motorsports enthusiasts here" such as the upcoming first-ever Formula One night race to be held in Singapore "VP's alignment with Best Chemical is both timely and strategic. In fact, the demand for VP's specialty fuels has been nothing short of overwhelming following our appointment as VP's regional distributor in Southeast Asia."